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The increased weight of the vehicles requires the braking to be advanced and the acceleration of the brake discs is accelerated. The wear of the brake discs also varies with the driving style and the type of driveway (there will be greater wear of the brake discs on winding roadways than on the freeway).
chinese brake disc manufacturer
It is therefore obligatory to check the condition of wear or deterioration of the brake discs, as a worn brake disc implies deterioration of the braking quality of a vehicle.
Change brake discs: when?
It is obligatory to change the brake discs when the minimum thickness of wear is reached or when some type of anomaly is detected (scratches, warps, fissures, breaks).
Minimum wear thickness is reached
Each brake disc has a predefined minimum thickness limit, below which it must be replaced. This minimum wear limit is inscribed in the descriptive sheet of the disc. If the side of the brake disc is equal to or less than the indicated minimum limit, then the replacement must be made.
With the creation of the flange on the contour of the disc, it is difficult to accurately measure the remaining thickness. To make an effective brake disc measurement, it is necessary to measure its thickness at three different heights: the first near the outer flange, the second near the center and the third close to the inner edge.
There are several precision tools that allow the thickness of the brake disc to be measured at different points. It should be noted that the classic caliper does not allow measuring a worn brake disc. In fact, the outer rim prevents it. This is the reason why it is necessary to have a disc center or a calibrator .
Qihai Brake Disc Machinery manufacturer Co.,ltd  experience and know-how in the development of complete systems allow you to design brake discs more efficiently, optimizing aspects related to comfort, performance, weight and costs.
The manufacture of brake discs covers the entire automotive market with a range of products ranging from carboceramic discs to the most exclusive cars, to floating or co-molded discs for sporting or high-end discs, to discs comprehensive for mid-range and urban vehicles.

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